10 tips for lead generation


Nowadays, the presence and expansion of our businesses in the digital realm are undeniable. Improving the way we sell to adapt to the demands of an audience that purchases products and/or services through their devices is a necessity.

Therefore, it is important to build a strong digital strategy for capturing and retaining potential customers. You don't need to be an expert in lead generation, but there are tactics that you must fully understand in order to successfully implement your strategies.

Here are 10 tips or techniques that will help you in lead generation:

  1. When launching digital campaigns, always have at least two ads running simultaneously. This means delivering the same message but with different wording, different calls to action, and allowing them a few days to run before assessing which one is generating the most interaction and should stay.
  2. It may sound obvious, but sometimes it's a common mistake to launch campaigns where your website or ad is not mobile-friendly, which undoubtedly leads to an immediate loss of the lead.
  3. Try launching ads that are not directly sales-focused, but rather provide value. Non-intrusive content that offers interesting or educational insights can build user loyalty, making it easier to qualify potential customers.
  4. Make use of trends to your advantage: constantly search for trends to identify which ones you can adapt to your brand and even go viral.
  5. Implement inbound marketing, which involves attracting your buyer persona with content that they find interesting, such as specific offers or new releases. However, this requires conducting thorough audience research (what they search for, what they want, who they are, etc.).
  6. Utilize all possible formats and media in your ads to learn which ones are the most effective for your brand.
  7. Take the time to analyze the data provided by your ads; it is the best way to continually improve their optimization.
  8. A qualified lead for conversion does not need to wait. Only request essential information and close the sale instantly, not hours later or the following day.
  9. Once you have converted a lead into a customer, don't stop there; continue learning from them. One good way to do this is through simple and quick digital surveys that help you identify whether the customer's experience was pleasant or if adjustments are needed.
  10. Look for solutions in lead qualification and conversion with experts like the ones we have at Meetzy, where we help you improve response times with your prospects and unlock new revenue.

As you can see, there should be careful planning and execution behind each ad. Take into account the tips we have provided and get ready to receive more qualified leads. If you want to learn more about Meetzy, click here.

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