How Meetzy improves companies' contactability and brand perception


Delta Protect serves its prospects 8x faster with the help of Meetzy.

Discover how the cybersecurity company optimized its sales cycle by improving prospect response time 8x faster with Meetzy, laying the foundation for further growth.

Before: Delta Protect's Challenges without Meetzy

Lost leads

With a fully outbound prospecting and lead generation approach, investing significant efforts in social media content, SEO, and advertising campaigns, Delta Protect found that interested prospects were receiving responses too late and losing interest.

Slow qualification process

Lead qualification proved to be complex and full of areas for improvement. Before Meetzy, it took Delta Protect's sales team +8 hours to respond to and follow up with a prospect. Nowadays, it takes less than 1 hour.

After: The Meetzy Way

Increased pipeline velocity...

Meetzy, alongside Delta Protect, started by shortening the sales cycle for their sales team, qualifying leads, assigning and scheduling meetings with potential clients within seconds, without having to wait for hours or even days to respond to them.

Improved CRM hygiene

Meetzy helps them maintain better organization in their CRM as they now have greater clarity on the status of customers who came through Meetzy, enabling them to make better business decisions.

Results with Meetzy

  • 8x faster response time to prospect customers
  • More qualified leads that would have been lost without Meetzy.
  • Less time spent by the sales team chasing unresponsive leads.
  • Motivated sales team. More winning.
  • Highly positive impact on brand perception.

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