How Meetzy is Revolutionizing Business Schools

ThePower Business School experiences a +37% growth in new opportunities captured with Meetzy's help.

Discover how this revolutionary business school optimized its sales cycle, increasing new opportunities by +37% with Meetzy, laying the foundation for further growth.

Before: The Challenges of ThePower Business School without Meetzy

  • Lost leads (and revenue)

With over 542k monthly visits, ThePower Business School had a great opportunity to improve the speed and conversion of its sales process. Interested leads were receiving responses too late, resulting in lost opportunities.

  • Slow and manual qualification

Lead qualification proved to be complex, inefficient, and filled with areas of improvement. Chasing and manually nurturing leads for qualification was a significant time drain for ThePower Business School's sales team, negatively impacting the company's revenue.

After: The Meetzy Way

Increased pipeline velocity and conversion to scheduled meetings

Meetzy, alongside ThePower Business School, began by shortening the sales cycle for their sales reps, qualifying, assigning, and scheduling hundreds of meetings with potential clients within seconds, without having to wait hours or even days to engage with them.

Core tool for the entire sales team

ThePower Business School started with a team of 5 sales reps. Today, they have over 60 sales reps receiving meetings daily with leads qualified by Meetzy, saving time in qualification and CRM management, improving data hygiene. Performance has skyrocketed.

Results with Meetzy

  • More qualified leads that would have otherwise been lost.
  • Less time wasted by SDRs chasing unfruitful leads.
  • A more motivated and winning sales team.
  • Significant positive impact on the school's revenue.
  • +186k € ROI.
  • +37% increase in new opportunities created.

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