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How many of my SDRs or AEs could work with Meetzy?

Unlimited. We have a powerful architecure to support hundreds of agents

How the routing works?

You define some simple rules once.

- if company size > 500 then route to this list of SDRs
- if the country is from the UK then route to this other list of SDRs

When your lead fills in the form, Meetzy uses these rules as triggers to show the availability of the right SDR or AE to the lead.

We could help you to define these rules

How Meetzy works with the differents timezones?

Forget the timezone math. Meetzy supports all the different timezones in the world and shows the availability of the right SDR to your leads in their local time.

How soon can we get set up if we decide to move forward?

In minutes. But I know you need to coordinate with your team and probably you would like to test everything before deploying Meetzy in your landings. Up to you.

How is the onboarding process?

Simple & Fast. Meetzy works with a company that has a list of agents.

The process is: 
- in Meetzy.
- You invite your sales team to connect their calendar and set up their availability.
- We implement the rules you define
- We connect everything to your CRM

You can deploy Meetzy in your landing copying a simple line of code. We will replace your current form with the Meetzy one.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd love to help. You can contact us at our email - or book a demo with us

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